Where can I find help?

The LHON diagnosis has a significant impact on the lives of patients who could be dependent on help from outside for a large number of daily life activities. In addition to family members and friends, other people and organizations can also offer valuable help. The ophthalmologist, or better, neuro-ophthalmologist for example, is the one that sets the diagnosis. Professional organizations and patient associations also offer support.

Exchange of experiences

What consequences does the disease have for my plans to have children? How can I continue to practice my profession? Will LHON have an impact on my children? What resources do I have at my disposal to help me in daily life? Who should I contact for financial assistance? What benefits does an invalid card offer? Which sport suits me best in view of my poor vision?
People with LHON can turn to patient associations to get answers to these questions. These associations not only provide answers to all these questions, but also provide extensive documentation (in the form of online documentation and brochures, for example). They also organize meetings where experiences can be exchanged.